INFOGRAPHIC: Το Απόλυτο Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet

Όλοι ξέρουμε πόσο σημαντικά είναι για μας και την επιχείρισή μας τα social media (κάτι που αναφέραμε και πρόσφατα) και γνωρίζουμε ότι κάθε εταιρεία πρέπει να κάνει αισθητή τη παρουσία της στα κατάλληλα για αυτήν κοινωνικά δίκτυα. Ωστόσο το να στήσουμε το κάθε προφίλ είναι μια διαδικασιά που μπορεί να μας παρουσιάσει προβλήματα όπως η διαφορά των μεγεθών στις φωτογραφίες. Το μέγεθος φωτογραφιών στο Facebook για παράδειγμα είναι εντελώς ακατάλληλο για το Google Plus.

Μην ανυσηχείτε, παρακάτω σας παρέχουμε το Απόλυτο Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet, ένα “σκονάκι” με τη μορφή infographic που δίνει τα χαρακτηριστικά για τα μεγέθη φωτογραφίας για τις πιο δημοφιλείς σελίδες κοινωνικής δικτύωσης όπως το Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, και Pinterest.

Διαβάστε ακόμα: Πώς διαλέγω το σωστό social media platform;

Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet

Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet

Profile Picture 160 x 160 px Must be uploaded at least 180 x 180 px
Cover Photo 851 x 315 px (Event Cover Photo: 714×264 px)
About Us 255 Characters
App Preview Image 111 x 74 px
Total Length of Apps bar (including gaps) 350 px
Timeline Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
Shared Image 403 x 403 px Photos can be viewed up to 960 x 720 px in the lightbox and expanded up to 2048 x 2048 px.
Shared Facebook Video 403 x 226
Status Update 63,206 characters
Shared Link Preview 156 x 116 px Editable, can be set with the og:type meta property
Shared Link Title Tag Up to 100 characters Editable, can be set with og:title meta property
Shared Link Metadescription Varies based on available room
Highlighted Post or Milestone 843 x 403 px
Highlighted Video Post or Milestone 843 x 475 px
News feed
News feed profile picture 50 x 50 px
News Feed Status update Up to 5 lines of text before Facebook truncates & appends ‘See More’ at the first break after the fifth
Shared Image Landscape 398 x 296 px
Portrait 296 x 398 px
Square 320 x 320 px
News Feed Sponsored Story Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
News Feed Sponsored Story Image Landscape 358 x 268 px
Portrait 268 x 358 px
Square 300 x 300 px
Shared Facebook Video Preview 403 x 226 px
Shared Video Link Preview 130 x 73 px
Shared Link Thumbnail 90 x 90 px
Shared Link Title Up to 100 Characters Editable
Shared Link Description Varies based on Thumbnail & Title Size Editable
URL Ad Title 25 Characters
URL Ad Copy 90 Characters
Page Ad Profile Picture 50 x 50 px
Page Ad Title Page Name
Page Ad Copy 90 Characters
Page Post Ad Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
Page Post Ad Title Page Name
Page Post Ad Copy First 90 characters of selected post First 120 characters if post is text-only
Page Post Ad Image 90 x 118 px
Page Post Ad Video Preview 128 x 72 px
Page Post Ad Link Thumbnail 50 x 50 px
Sponsored Story Fan Picture 50 x 50 px
Sponsored Story Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
Premium Page Post Ad Profile Picture 50 x 50 px
Premium Page Post Ad Video Preview 185 x 104 px
Premium Page Post Ad Image 168 x 128 px
Background Image 90% of visitors see first 78 px of the background
67% see 204 px
43% see 247 px
21% see 284 px
Recent Image Preview 90 x 90
Profile Picture 81 x 81 px 4 px border
Tweet Length 140 Characters
Profile Picture 48 x 48 px
Shared Media Tweet Length 140 characters, including link
Shared Link Preview 120 x 120 px Must be at least 60 x 60 px
Shared Link Title First 70 characters of twitter:title tag
Shared Link Description First 200 characters of twitter:description tag
Shared Image 375 x 375 px
Shared Video Preview 435 x 244 px
Video Details Video Title and first 160 characters of video description
Company Profile
Cover Photo 890 x 180 px
Profile Picture 250 x 250 px 5 px border
Horizontal Profile and cover photo gap 614 px
Status Update 100,000 Characters Can include hash tags
Shared Link Thumbnail 150 x 150 px
Shared Video Preview 497 x 279 px
Shared Image 497 x 373 px Can be uploaded and viewed up to 2048 x 2048 px
Branded Channel
Content Container 970 px wide
Mappable Header 970 x 150 px Can map links off of YouTube
Profile Picture 55 x 55 px
Featured Video 640 x 390 px
Video Thumbnail 288 x 162 px
YouTube Brand Channel Background Size 90% of users see 8 px on either side of the content container Up to 1 mb in size
67% see 136 px
43% see 180 px
21% see 216 px
Title Up to 100 characters
User Banner Up to 170 x 25 px
Video Preview 640 x 390 px
Description Up to 5000 characters
Tags Up to 500 characters Hidden, can be found in page source under “meta:keywords”
Recommended Playlist Details Playlist Title
Recommended Playlist Large Thumbnail 120 x 67 px
Recommeded Playlist Small Thumbnail 40 x 25 px
Recommended Video Details Video Title, Author, and Views
Recommended Video Thumbnail 120 x 67 px
Horizontal Logo 100 x 60 px
Cover Photo 646 x 220 px
Company Square Logo 50 x 50 px
Company Comment Logo 30 x 30 px
Shared Link Thumbnail 180 x 110 px
Shared Link Details Shared Link Title and up to 230 characters of description. The description is editable.
Careers Cover Photo 974 x 238 px
Products and Services
Products and Services Banner Image 646 x 220 px
Product Image 100 x 80 px
Product Details 100 character title and 2000 character description
Profile Picture 160 x 165 px
About Section Up to 200 characters
Board 222 x 207 px
Big Thumbnail 222 x 150 px
Small Thumbnails 55 x 55 px
Profile Picture 32 x 32 px
Pin Image Preview 192 x scaled height
Pin on board 222 x scaled height
Profile Picture 49 x 49 px
Pin 600 x infinity

Διαβάστε εδώ και τους υπόλοιπους οδηγούς της EtherLogic και αν θέλετε βοήθεια για το στήσιμο του προφίλ σας στα social media επικοινωνείστε μαζί μας!


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